So because I choose not to date someone this makes me lonely?

Question by Robust of Love: So because I choose not to date someone this makes me lonely?
I was cracking some jokes with a friend and I was joking and said “what a sad life huh?” he than said “your life is sad and LONELY” why because he’s in a relationship and I choose not to? Why because he tried to force me to date his friend and I rejected with good reason? I just don’t get it. Why do some people in relationships assume single people are lonely?

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Answer by Marina
Not sure. A better question is, why did it bug you so much? Did he strike a nerve? If you’re not lonely, let it go. Who cares?

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Am I being desperate?…Online dating?

Question by Cilantro: Am I being desperate?…Online dating?
Am 20 but have never had a serious boyfriend..or ever been kissed :o / …and not to be vain but I think am attractive but I guess you could say I am sort of picky. I generally dont go out much but right now, I work full time and have school as well. I feel like am ready for a relationship but also wondering if finding dates online is a bit overzealous at this point..and age?…I know that there are loads of creeps out there(and yes.. that I also shouldnt EVER meet anyone in an isolated area or at night etc..etc) but also some genuine people just like me that want genuine relationships. I think am a good person(with ofcourse some flaws like everyone else..heh) and have very strong morals and goals…so I think I could handle it. So..What do you think? Should I try..or shouldnt I?Is this realistic to even be thinking about?…thanks much! :o )

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Answer by stefo1112
Go out with your friends they will be more then wiling to help you if they are truly your friends. Got to a club, you will surly meet someone you like.

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Question by L-O-V-E♥: DESPERATE for LOVE…?
I am so desperate for be loved…My whole life, all the people I loved have not showed it in return..I dont have an affectionate family for one. I maybe told “i love you” once a year, if I am lucky…Relationship wise, I become very clingy, have trust issues and always question the other persons intentions. I have been used and emotionally abused by men before and I havent been the same since. I also fall in love easily. I have so many insecurities, I dont know how to deal with it. I’ve been betrayed by many friends before, and not many women like me :( I feel very lonely at times. I feel I am always on my own, no one to love me or even care for me. I think, if I died, no one would even notice. I get very confused in relationships and always blame myself when things go sour. Than I go back begging the other person to take me back! It never works and only adds to my stress.

Help? How can I get better?

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Answer by shauna
my family doesn’t say “i love you” regularly at all, but i know that they do because they show concern for what’s going on in my life and call to chat. there are other signs of love besides saying it. besides, actions speak louder than words. anyone can SAY they love you, but if you family supports you and cares for you that is genuine because it takes much more effort to maintain the BEHAVIOR of loving.

consider counseling to get over your attachment and insecurities. the only thing that was EXACTLY the same in all of your relationships is YOU. that’s good news, because you can control and change yourself. get help so you can start making better decisions and see yourself as valuable.

btw, i am a sociology student conducting an anonymous study on relationships. visit:

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Would you date yourself?

Question by Emmasj :@): Would you date yourself?
I once had to listen to an anti-cloning speech. The speaker, a fellow student of mine in the Public Speaking class, had several reasons for being against cloning. One was, as he said, “If cloning were legal, a lonely homosexual person could clone himself to date.”

At that point, I burst out laughing. I apologized to him later, but that was too funny. Ignorant people can be so creative.

Of course, as most people know, a clone must be born, and raised from a baby, so a “lonely homosexual” would be more likely to clone himself to raise as a child rather than a partner.

But let’s just say that part wasn’t necessary. You are given the option to replicate yourself, exactly as you are, with your exact appearance and personality. Would you date yourself?

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Answer by Sheepy!
LOL, Yeah, that is funny!

Uhm. No, I would not date myself. I’m weird, dorky, stupid, and some people have said crazy. And I don’t trust myself.

Also, it would get boring to agree with myself all the time.

However, I would not mind cloning myself to raise as a child. That part is okay, although I do argue a lot when I don’t get my way. Parenting myself would be tiring.

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pls help! who should initiate the date now? desperate for answers?

Question by : pls help! who should initiate the date now? desperate for answers?
Weekend is coming, who should initiate the date which was cancelled last time?pls help, desperate!!!!?
This guy asked me to movie as a date, we have been to several dates so this time i offered to pay for the movie tickets. However, he cancelled on me a day before as he something comes up…has been 2 weeks and so far he hasn’t re-schedule the date. we still contact each other but no mention of going to movie or any other dates. Just wondering is he expecting me to bring up the topic? But he was the one who cancelled the date. I don’t want to re-schedule to show as if I am desperate, I want to leave the ball in his court since he is a guy. Have I made the right decision? Really need your answer here. Please help

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Answer by jabby
guys feed on woman desperation dont do it

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Is it desperate to go to the bar by myself?

Question by Jon G: Is it desperate to go to the bar by myself?
Its my birthday tomorrow and most of my friends are out of town, except the ones who don’t drink. Plus I am single, so I don’t really see myself meeting anyone except at a bar/club. Is the guy by himself at the bar come off desperate or pathetic?

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Answer by Filip
Go to a gay bar. you know you’ve been considering it…

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